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Kim Possible Movie

Die Alltags-Teenager-Heldin Kim Possible und ihr bester Freund Ron Stoppable beginnen ihr erstes Jahr an der Highschool, während sie die Welt vor bösen. Die jugendliche Alltagsheldin Kim Possible und ihr bester Feund Ron Stoppable starten in ihr erstes Jahr auf der Highschool und retten nebenher die Welt vor. Kim Possible Sean Giambrone als Ron Stoppable, Ciara Riley Wilson als Athena​, Sadie Stanley als Kim Possible. SRF/ Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights. <

Kim Possible

Die Alltags-Teenager-Heldin Kim Possible und ihr bester Freund Ron Stoppable beginnen ihr erstes Jahr an der Highschool, während sie die Welt vor bösen. TV-G | 1h 26min | Action, Adventure, Comedy | TV Movie 15 February Find more of Kim Possible lyrics. Was this review helpful to you? Für die Hauptrolle. Die jugendliche Alltagsheldin Kim Possible und ihr bester Feund Ron Stoppable starten in ihr erstes Jahr auf der Highschool und retten nebenher die Welt vor.

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The Kim Possible Movie Is Worse Than I Thought

Episodul 01 Episodul 02 Episodul 03 Episodul 04 Episodul 05 Episodul 06 Episodul 07 Episodul 08 Episodul 09 Episodul 10 Episodul 11 Episodul 12 Episodul 13 Episodul 14 Episodul 15 Episodul 16 Episodul 17 Episodul 18 Episodul 19 Episodul 20 Episodul Sezonul 2.

Episodul 01 Episodul 02 Episodul 03 Episodul 04 Episodul 05 Episodul 6. Sezonul 3. Cartwright reprises her role from the animated series.

Patton Oswalt as Professor Dementor: a mad scientist. Oswalt also voiced Dementor in the animated series. Retrieved Teen Vogue.

Walt Disney Television Press. Retrieved April 7, Anime Superhero News. Retrieved November 18, Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved February 17, Disney Channel.

February 7, Retrieved February 17, — via The Futon Critic. April 25, July 21, December 7, May 25, August 11, January 14, Showbuzz Daily. Retrieved February 19, Technical Specs.

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Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. DID YOU KNOW? Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Heroes Kim and Ron face the problems of starting high school as freshmen when their team gets an addition.

Every hero needs a villain and one's just been sprung from prison. Will Kim save the world again or will high school bog her down?

Directors: Zach Lipovsky , Adam B. Writers: Josh A. Cagan script , Josh A. Added to Watchlist. The Rise of Daniel Kaluuya. Kim Possible is Disney Channel's second animated series, as well as the first one to be produced exclusively by Walt Disney Television Animation.

It also became the first Disney Channel animated series to be produced in high-definition. The series premiered on June 7, , and ended on September 7, , after 87 episodes and four seasons.

During its run, a pair of made-for-TV films were made: A Sitch in Time and So the Drama Merchandising based on the series, such as home media releases, toys, and video games were also made.

A live-action television film of the same name was released in but received mediocre reviews. Kim Possible received critical acclaim and became one of Disney's top-rated and most popular series.

Kim Possible takes place primarily within the town of Middleton, Colorado, USA and focuses on the life and adventures of Kim Possible , an accomplished high school student who fights crime on a regular basis, assisted by her best friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable and Rufus , his pet naked mole rat.

Drakken , a mad scientist constantly plotting world domination , and his superpowered sidekick Shego , who possesses the ability to generate powerful energy blasts and emit them from her hands, making her the heroine's most dangerous opponent.

Attending Middleton High School alongside Ron, her best female friend Monique and rival classmate Bonnie Rockwaller , Kim lives with her family: father James , a rocket scientist, and Ann , a brain surgeon, [11] as well as her younger brothers, identical twins Jim and Tim , both of whom possess genius-level intellect.

Fully aware of their daughter's occupation, Kim's parents remain completely supportive of her crime-fighting endeavors so long as she continues to obey curfew , but tend to be more-so concerned about the character's performance in school, as well as her love life.

As revealed in Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time , Kim became involved in crime-fighting rather unintentionally. Entitled "Rufus", Season 2, episode 20 features Lilo contacting Kim and Ron to help her rescue Stitch , who has been captured by Drakken and Shego in a partnership with Dr.

Hamsterviel to clone Stitch for an army of obedient monsters. Meanwhile, Jumba mistakes Rufus for one of his missing experiments.

Some episodes revolve around characters other than Kim and Ron, particularly villains, who have been provided with nearly as much back story as the heroes.

James and Ann Possible Gary Cole and Jean Smart , respectively , and her younger brothers, twin geniuses Jim and Tim Shaun Fleming , —06; Spencer Fox , , to whom she refers as "Tweebs" a portmanteau of "twin" and "dweebs" ; the twins speak their own made up language known as "Twinnish".

With her fashion and pop culture expertise, Monique bridges the worlds between Kim's high school and crime-fighting lives, [8] also serving as something of a guidance counselor.

Long-time collaborators and veteran Disney writers, Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle had already been writing for Disney Channel for several years, contributing to the network's male-led animated series Aladdin , Hercules and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command , each one spin-offs of their respective feature-length animated films.

She can do anything", to which Schooley responded, "Ron Stoppable, he can't", and nearly the entire premise of Kim Possible naturally unfolded thereafter.

With its main duo finally established, Kim Possible became the easiest show Schooley and McCorkle had ever developed. Much of Kim Possible ' s cast consists of Disney Channel and ABC alumnae, [21] [34] as well as actors known for their roles on other popular animated and comedy series.

Her confidence and her sincerity really shine through. To prepare herself for the role of Rufus, Nancy Cartwright , best known for her long-running voice work as Bart Simpson on The Simpsons , [41] researched naked mole rats extensively to the point of which she became "a font of useless trivia" and knowledge.

The creators mused, "Drakken is as funny as he is because of how funny John is. Like any of the great voiceover guys, he can do multiple voices.

He also just has a terrific comedic sense ", [29] while director and animator Steve Loter described both Friedle and DiMaggio as "experts in ad-libbing.

Tahj Mowry , who plays T. Henderson on the sitcom Smart Guy , voices Wade. Serving as executive producers in addition to writers throughout the entire series, Schooley and McCorkle oversaw the show for its entire duration to maintain consistency.

Fantastic , respectively. Some of the show's plots and ideas are drawn from the lives of both creators' daughters; the decision to have Ron eventually join his school's football team was inspired by Schooley's daughter being involved in her high school band, which resulted in them attending several school football matches.

Schooley and McCorkle approached the challenge of portraying dating in a way that would appeal to both younger and older children by having the villains, particularly Shego, [42] react to news of Kim and Ron's relationship with disbelief since "Ron is painfully aware that he is the luckiest man in the world We still have the villains, and we have the comedy with the villains and their bizarre schemes and how they get foiled.

It included behind-the-scenes and production information from the perspective of the crew as well as production sketches from one of several alternative endings that had been scripted.

Creating the Kim Possible universe and environment was very much a collaborative process between Schooley and McCorkle, Disney Channel, the character designers, and the cast, who were also encouraged to contribute their own ideas.

Loter typically visualized whatever script he was provided with after they had been written. Four different animation studios animated the series: Rough Draft Korea , Starburst Animation Studios, Toon City and Hanho Heung-Up Co.

Written by musicians Cory Lerios and George Gabriel , the show's theme song " Call Me, Beep Me " also known as "Call Me, Beep Me! The Kim Possible Song " or simply "The Kim Possible Song" [55] is performed by American recording artist Christina Milian.

It's great because people have grown with me, even with that damn song. Didn't know so many people were watching Kim Possible like that.

Because of that song, it actually inspired me to do my own musical animated artist because a lot of people thought I was Kim Possible.

Composer Adam Berry was responsible for scoring the entire series. Berry was also responsible for creating music for the first three seasons of Comedy Central 's South Park.

While the music in Kim Possible is mostly guitar-driven, Berry's scoring experience prior to the show had been exclusively orchestral, composing scores using only a keyboard.

An official Kim Possible soundtrack was released by Walt Disney Records on July 1, , featuring "Call Me, Beep Me" and "Could it Be", [68] in addition to other musical contributions from the cast of Kim Possible in addition to various Disney recording artists, including Aaron Carter.

Episodes typically adhere to a simple, similar format, featuring a power-hungry villain who Kim and Ron must somehow prevent from taking over the world.

In addition to other "mainstays" of modern-day youth , technology serves an important role throughout the series, specifically the Internet and Kim's gadgets, the most significant of which is the Kimmunicator designed to help Kim communicate with Wade and grants her access to virtually any information she desires.

It's as though we get to play James Bond's ' Q ' for each episode -- the more imaginative the toy, the better.

Kim is raised in a nuclear family. Hosting a diverse cast of strong female characters while confronting gender norms and barriers , [5] [24] [77] Kim Possible explores feminist themes, [22] specifically third-wave feminism.

According to MTV 's Monique Steele, Kim Possible is "all about how girls kick butt"; [34] Kim constantly rescues Ron, saving him from peril on numerous occasions throughout the series.

Inness argued that Kim Possible reinforces that "girls can do anything they choose" but must look a certain way in order to do so since its female character participate in consumerism and normative femininity that its male characters do not, such as shopping and spending much time on their appearance.

Produced by Walt Disney Television Animation , Kim Possible ' s episodes are typically 22 minutes in length and occupy half-hour time slots.

In terms of ratings, Kim Possible continued to perform consistently well into its second and third seasons. Kim Possible aired weekdays on Disney XD in the United States.

When the series returned to Disney XD in February , fans flocked to Twitter to voice their approval. On May 2, , the series began airing on Disney's Freeform network as part of the late-night That's So Throwback block.

Eventually, the reruns shifted to include episodes from all four seasons, still out of order, beginning with reruns aired beginning and after July 30, until August In addition to maintaining consistently high ratings throughout its four-season run, Kim Possible was the longest-running Disney Channel Original Series until it was surpassed by Phineas and Ferb in In the days leading up to Kim Possible ' s premiere, television critics speculated whether or not the show would attract a large enough male audience despite its female lead to prove successful.

But the cheerful presence of Rufus Scott D. Pierce of the Deseret News praised Kim Possible for being "an entertaining show that should indeed appeal to tweens, younger kids and even their parents" that "plays with the superhero format in a way that doesn't take itself too seriously but doesn't play down to the viewers.

But nobody in or watching the series will ever be offended or over-stimulated, or even surprised. Coyote explosions, and its tongue-in-cheek humor allowed it to be self-aware and hip at the same time.

Conversely, Girlfighting: Betrayal and Rejection Among Girls author Lyn Mikel Brown was less receptive towards Kim herself, criticizing the show for promoting the beautiful and thin heroine as "your basic average girl" and apparent reliance on Ron's intelligence, as well as the fact that her "biggest threat" is Bonnie as opposed to evil.

According to Brown, "Being the kind of girl who's accepted or befriended by boys underscores a girl's power and sets her against other girls. In its first season, Kim Possible was nominated for its first and only Primetime Emmy Award in , for Outstanding Animated Program.

Polygon writer Petrana Radulovic observed that the series "bears a weighty legacy" due to being "a staple of many childhoods Unlike many other action comedies at the time, Kim Possible centered around a capable heroine, and many boys and girls alike watched the show.

Because it is such a beloved childhood show, the nostalgia value is high. And one of the things that we've always found is that boys of any age When we tested it, the kids were like: 'Oh, Ron's stupid funny' and that became sort of a buzz phrase.

Kim Possible is considered to be one of Disney Channel's most beloved programs. The success of Kim Possible spawned two animated—as well as a live action— television films based on the series, becoming the first animated series to be adapted into a Disney Channel Original Movie.

On February 7, , Disney announced on Twitter that they were moving forward in making a live action Kim Possible Disney Channel Original Movie and were beginning casting.

Ann Possible, Connie Ray as Nana Possible, Todd Stashwick as Drakken, Taylor Ortega as Shego, Ciara Wilson as Athena and Erika Tham as Bonnie.

The success of Kim Possible spawned its own video game series; a total of six video games were released, supported by various gaming consoles and platforms:.

In , Disney began using the popularity of both Disney Channel's Kim Possible and Lizzie McGuire in an attempt to revive the company's struggling merchandising division, which had been suffering from a declining interest in movie and television tie-ins.

Based on the series, the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure was an interactive attraction that took place in several of Epcot 's World Showcase pavilions in Walt Disney World.

Retrieved November Gba Feuerrot Cheats, Possible Worlds. Nana Possible. Learn how we rate. Have you ever been jealous of a friend? Die vierte Staffel startete am Titanic Ganzer Film Deutsch Kostenlos big! Kim Possible ist eine aus 87 Episoden bestehende Zeichentrickserie der Walt Disney Company aus den Jahren bis Die jugendliche Alltagsheldin Kim Possible und ihr bester Freund Ron Stoppable starten in ihr erstes Jahr auf der Highschool. Nebenbei gelingt es ihnen, die Welt vor Schurken zu retten. Aber auch sie haben es mit Alltagsproblemen zu tun. Die. Die Ausstrahlung des Disney Channel Original Movie in den Vereinigtes Staaten war am Februar Die deutsche Ausstrahlung fand am September. Kim Possible ist eine aus 87 Episoden bestehende Zeichentrickserie der Walt Disney Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama, Kim Possible – Der Film – Invasion der Roboter, DVD, Mai , Das Hephaestus-Projekt, Teil 1–3, Musikvideos:​. Die jugendliche Alltagsheldin Kim Possible und ihr bester Feund Ron Stoppable starten in ihr erstes Jahr auf der Highschool und retten nebenher die Welt vor.
Kim Possible Movie Starstruck Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt Brother Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam Avalon High The Suite Life Movie Lemonade Mouth Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension Geek Charming Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! Good Luck Charlie — Fish Google Filme Online — Shake It Up — Take Two with Phineas and Ferb — A. Oswalt also voiced Dementor in the animated series. When the series returned to Disney XD in Februaryfans flocked to Twitter to voice their approval. Disney Channel Original Movies. Athena Todd Stashwick Bob Schooley Mark McCorkle. The series premiered on June 7,and ended on September 7,after 87 episodes and four seasons. Edit page. Full Cast and Crew. Sezonul Watch Adventure Time Online Free.
Kim Possible Movie Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama (The Top-Secret Extended Edition) out of 5 stars DVD $ $ 7. 40 $ $ Get it as soon as Thu, Feb 4. Kim Possible (TV Movie ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Parents need to know that Kim Possible is a live-action movie re-imagining of the popular teen crime-fighting cartoon that ran from to The story assumes viewers' familiarity with the characters and basic storyline, jumping directly into the action with little introduction or background. Kim Possible is an American comedy action-adventure television film that premiered as a Disney Channel Original Movie on Disney Channel on February 15, Based on the animated series Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, the film stars Sadie Stanley, Sean Giambrone, and Ciara Riley Wilson. The success of Kim Possible spawned two animated—as well as a live action—television films based on the series, becoming the first animated series to be adapted into a Disney Channel Original Movie. The first, Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time, is science fiction-themed and premiered on Disney Channel on November 28, , following Kim as she.

Wie Ls17 Fahrzeuge mitteilt, dass es mehr gibt zwischen Himmel und Kim Possible Movie. - Wo kann ich diesen Film schauen?

Erika Tham.
Kim Possible Movie


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