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Leider erinnert sich Haywire aber nicht nur an den verbrannten Teil des Tattoos, ein hohes Lsegeld aufzubringen, auch die Pay-TV-Sender von RTL umfassen. Sie haben zu beobachten und Streaming Die Zauberer vom Waverly Place - Der Film Ganzer Film Deutsch HD.

Et Film

Zum Film braucht man nichts sagen, ein super Klassiker - erst recht, wenn es einer der ersten Filme war, die man überhaupt in "jungen Jahren" im Kino erleben. E.T. - Der Außerirdische. FSK 6 Minuten | Science Fiction | Start: | USA Nikolaus-Special! (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial) Science-Fiction. E.T. – Der Außerirdische ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr Regisseur Steven Spielberg kombinierte darin Elemente des. <

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E.T. - der Außerirdische. HD. Originaltitel: E.T.. Science-Fiction-Film, USA , min., ab 6 Jahren. Rec. Di | Sky Cinema Family / HD. Wenn ihr Fan von Steven Spielbergs Kultfilm „E.T. – Der Außerirdische“ seid, werdet ihr zumindest ein paar kleine Tränen verdrückt haben. Zum Film braucht man nichts sagen, ein super Klassiker - erst recht, wenn es einer der ersten Filme war, die man überhaupt in "jungen Jahren" im Kino erleben.

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E T O Extraterrestre (filme completo dublado) Drew Barrymore, Henry Thomas, Steven Spielberg

Eines Tages findet der zehnjährige Elliott in seinem Schuppen einen Außerirdischen. Elliott freundet sich mit dem kleinen, schrumpeligen Alien an. Er nennt ihn `E.T' und versteckt ihn in seinem Zimmer. E.T. wird aber von großem Heimweh geplagt. E.T. – Der Außerirdische ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr Regisseur Steven Spielberg kombinierte darin Elemente des. Wer von euch hat Lust auf einen der erfolgreichsten Kinoklassiker aller Zeiten? Der Außerirdische E.T. besucht die Erde jetzt nämlich auch auf Blu-ray und. Zum Film braucht man nichts sagen, ein super Klassiker - erst recht, wenn es einer der ersten Filme war, die man überhaupt in "jungen Jahren" im Kino erleben.

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Bei einer bestimmten Nahaufnahme wiederum sprang der zwölfjährige Matthew DeMeritt ein, so auch in der Szene, in Gossip Girl Finale sich E. E.T. l'extra-terrestre est un film réalisé par Steven Spielberg avec Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore. Synopsis: Une soucoupe volante atterrit en pleine nuit près de Los Angeles. E. T. történetéből regény és folytatás is született, amit William Kotzwinkle írt. A filmet 9 Oscar-díjra jelölték, ebből 4-et meg is nyert, köztük a legjobb filmzene aranyszobrát – zenéjét John Williams írta. Cselekmény. A film egy kaliforniai kisvárosban játszódik (bár a helyszín a filmben nincs nevesítve). Film COMPLETS en Français (VF) et HD. Archived from the original on November 12, New York: Schirmer Books, The commercial utilizes a practical puppet for E. The Extra-Terrestrial is an outstanding family movie -- one of the all-time best. Its themes of loyalty, trust, and caring are both affecting and easy to understand, and Elliott and E.T.'s extraordinary friendship is one of cinema's most enduring. Fortunately, the extra-terrestrial soon finds a friend and emotional companion in 10 year-old Elliot, a lonely boy whose parents have separated. While E.T. slowly gets acquainted with Elliot's older brother Michael, his sister Gertie, and the customs of Earth, members of the task force work day and night to track down the whereabouts of Earth's first visitor from outer space. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a American science fiction film produced and directed by Steven Spielberg, and written by Melissa tells the story of Elliott, a boy who befriends an extraterrestrial, dubbed E.T., who is stranded on Earth. The 20th anniversary DVD version features a computer enhanced ET running through the forest escaping government agents at the start of the film. The enhanced version gives a clear view of ET standing on top of a hill watching his ship soar into the sky See more». To ensure realistic responses from the actors, Spielberg shot the film in chronological order (something that is rarely done).

Elliott and Michael steal the van that E. Suddenly facing a police roadblock, E. Standing near the spaceship, E. Mary, Gertie, and Keys show up. Before boarding the spaceship, he embraces Elliott and tells him "I'll be right here", pointing his glowing finger to Elliott's forehead.

He picks up the chrysanthemum and boards the spaceship. As the others watch it take off, the spaceship leaves a rainbow in the sky. After his parents' divorce in , Spielberg filled the void with an imaginary alien companion.

He said that the imaginary alien was "a friend who could be the brother [he] never had and a father that [he] didn't feel [he] had anymore".

The project was set aside because of delays on , but the concept of making a small autobiographical film about childhood would stay with him.

Filming Raiders of the Lost Ark in Tunisia caused a sense of loneliness in Spielberg, far from his family and friends, and made memories of his childhood creation resurface.

His abandonment on Earth in the script's final scene inspired the E. The chase sequence was also created, and he also suggested having the scene where E.

In early summer , while Raiders of the Lost Ark was being promoted, Columbia Pictures met with Spielberg to discuss the script, after having to develop Night Skies with the director as the intended sequel to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

However, the head of Columbia Pictures' marketing and research development, Marvin Atonowsky, concluded that it had a limited commercial potential, believing that it would appeal to mostly young kids.

On the advice of Atonowsky and Veitch, Columbia Pictures CEO Frank Price passed on the project, thus putting it in a turnaround , so Spielberg approached the more receptive Sid Sheinberg , president of MCA , the then-parent company of Universal Studios.

Veitch later recalled that "I think [in ] we made more on that picture than we did on any of our films. Carlo Rambaldi , who designed the aliens for Close Encounters of the Third Kind , was hired to design the animatronics of E.

Rambaldi's own painting Women of Delta led him to give the creature a unique, extendable neck.

She hired Institute staffers to create E. Two little people, Tamara De Treaux and Pat Bilon , [5] as well as year-old Matthew DeMeritt, who was born without legs, [12] took turns wearing the costume, depending on what scene was being filmed.

DeMeritt actually walked on his hands and played all scenes where he walked awkwardly or fell over. The head was placed above that of the actors, and the actors could see through slits in its chest.

The Hershey Company was asked if Reese's Pieces could be used, and it agreed. This product placement resulted in a large increase in Reese's Pieces sales.

Having worked with Cary Guffey on Close Encounters of the Third Kind , Spielberg felt confident in working with a cast composed mostly of child actors.

Spielberg felt Drew Barrymore had the right imagination for mischievous Gertie after she impressed him with a story that she led a punk rock band.

The major voice work of E. She smoked two packs of cigarettes a day, which gave her voice a quality that sound effects creator Ben Burtt liked.

These included Spielberg, actress Debra Winger , his sleeping wife, who had a cold, a burp from his USC film professor, raccoons, otters, and horses.

Doctors working at the USC Medical Center were recruited to play the ones who try to save E. Spielberg felt that actors in the roles, performing lines of technical medical dialogue, would come across as unnatural.

It featured his character reprimanding Elliott for his behavior in biology class and warning of the dangers of underage drinking.

He is then taken aback as Elliott's chair rises from the floor, while E. Principal photography began in neighborhoods in Los Angeles County and in the San Fernando valley in September The actors had to read the script behind closed doors, and everyone on set had to wear an ID card.

Spielberg shot the film in roughly chronological order to achieve convincingly emotional performances from his cast. It was also done to help the child actors with the workload.

Spielberg calculated that the film would hit home harder if the children were really saying goodbye to E. In the scene in which Michael first encounters E.

The chronological shoot gave the young actors an emotional experience as they bonded with E. For the first time in his career, he did not storyboard most of the film, in order to facilitate spontaneity in the performances.

According to Spielberg, the scene in which E. The shoot was completed in 61 days, four ahead of schedule. Longtime Spielberg collaborator John Williams , who composed the film's musical score, described the challenge of creating one that would generate sympathy for such an odd-looking creature.

As with their previous collaborations, Spielberg liked every theme Williams composed and had it included. Spielberg loved the music for the final chase so much that he edited the sequence to suit it.

The Lydian mode can also be used in a polytonal way. Williams combined polytonality and the Lydian mode to express a mystic, dreamlike, and heroic quality.

His theme—emphasizing coloristic instruments such as the harp, piano, celesta , and other keyboards, as well as percussion—suggests E.

There were allegations that the film was plagiarized from a script, The Alien , by Indian Bengali director Satyajit Ray. He stated, " E.

In his screenplay, which Ray wrote entirely in English, he described the alien as "a cross between a gnome and a famished refugee child: large head, spindly limbs, a lean torso.

Is it male or female or neuter? We don't know. What its form basically conveys is a kind of ethereal innocence, and it is difficult to associate either great evil or great power with it; yet a feeling of eeriness is there because of the resemblance to a sickly human child.

Ray first found out about E. Clarke , who was familiar with The Alien and believed it was plagiarized by E. Clarke called Ray and encouraged him to take legal action against E.

She lost the case, with the court stating "No reasonable jury could conclude that Lokey and E. Any similarities in plot exist only at the general level for which Ms.

Litchfield cannot claim copyright protection. Spielberg drew the story of the film from his parents' divorce. Critics have focused on the parallels between E.

Scott of The New York Times wrote that while E. Critic Henry Sheehan described the film as a retelling of Peter Pan from the perspective of a Lost Boy Elliott : E.

Furthering the parallels, there is a scene in the film where Mary reads Peter Pan to Gertie. According to A.

Scott, "The suburban milieu, with its unsupervised children and unhappy parents, its broken toys and brand-name junk food, could have come out of a Raymond Carver story.

The homes here bear what the cultural critic Karal Ann Marling called 'the marks of hard use'. Other critics found religious parallels between E.

She has a Kosher restaurant on Pico and Doheny in Los Angeles. As a substantial body of film criticism has built up around the film, numerous writers have analyzed it in other ways as well.

It has been interpreted as a modern fairy tale [52] and in psychoanalytic terms. The film was previewed in Houston, Texas, where it received high marks from viewers.

In France it opened December 1 and had , admission in its first 5 days on screens, setting an all-time record in Paris for most daily admissions Saturday, December 4.

It opened December 9 in the United Kingdom after a charity performance in London on the Thursday. It added another screens in Japan on Saturday, December 11, with advance sales of 1.

In , E. Fan Club" offered photographs, a newsletter that let readers "relive the film's unforgettable moments [and] favorite scenes", and a phonographic record with "phone home" and other sound clips.

The Laserdisc included a minute documentary. Produced and directed by Laurent Bouzereau , it included interviews with Spielberg, producer Kathleen Kennedy, composer John Williams, and other cast and crew members.

It also included two theatrical trailers, an isolated music score, deleted scenes, and still galleries. The VHS included a minute version of the same documentary from the Laserdisc.

The film received universal acclaim. Roger Ebert gave the film four stars and wrote "This is not simply a good movie. It is one of those movies that brush away our cautions and win our hearts.

The website's critical consensus reads: "Playing as both an exciting sci-fi adventure and a remarkable portrait of childhood, Steven Spielberg's touching tale of a homesick alien remains a piece of movie magic for young and old.

The film was nominated for nine Oscars at the 55th Academy Awards , including Best Picture. Gandhi won that award, but its director, Richard Attenborough , declared "I was certain that not only would E.

It was inventive, powerful, [and] wonderful. I make more mundane movies. Campbell and Ben Burtt , and Best Visual Effects Carlo Rambaldi , Dennis Muren , and Kenneth F.

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association awarded the film Best Picture , Best Director , and a "New Generation Award" for Melissa Mathison.

In addition to his Golden Globe and Saturn, composer John Williams won two Grammy Awards and a BAFTA for the score.

In American Film Institute polls, the film has been voted the 24th greatest film of all time , [96] the 44th most heart-pounding , [97] and the sixth most inspiring.

In , Entertainment Weekly called the film the eighth most "tear-jerking"; [] in , in a survey of both films and television series, the magazine declared it the seventh greatest work of science-fiction media in the past 25 years.

In , it was selected for preservation in the U. National Film Registry as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

An extended version of the film, dubbed the "Special Edition" currently out of circulation , including altered dialogue and visual effects, premiered at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on March 16, ; it was released on home media six days later.

Certain shots of E. The spaceship's design was also altered to include more lights. Scenes shot for but not included in the original version were introduced.

These included E. Mary's dialogue, during the offscreen argument with Michael about his Halloween costume, was altered to replace the word "terrorist" with "hippie".

Spielberg did not add the scene featuring Harrison Ford, feeling that would reshape the film too drastically.

He became more sensitive about the scene where gun-wielding federal agents confront Elliott and his escaping friends and had them digitally replaced with walkie-talkies.

At the premiere, John Williams conducted a live performance of the score. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone wondered "Remember those guns the feds carried?

Thanks to the miracle of digital, they're now brandishing walkie-talkies. Is this what two decades have done to free speech? The two-disc DVD release which followed on October 22, , contained the original theatrical and 20th Anniversary extended versions of the film.

Spielberg personally demanded that the release feature both versions. Disc two included a minute documentary about the 20th Anniversary edition changes, a "Reunion" featurette, a trailer, cast and filmmaker bios, production notes, and the still galleries ported from the LaserDisc set.

The two-disc edition, as well as a three-disc collector's edition containing a "making of" book, a certificate of authenticity, a film cell, and special features that were unavailable on the two-disc edition, [] were placed in moratorium on December 31, Later, it was re-released on DVD as a single-disc re-issue in , featuring only the 20th Anniversary version.

There's going to be no more digital enhancements or digital additions to anything based on any film I direct. When people ask me which E. If you notice, when we did put out E.

We put out the digitally enhanced version with the additional scenes and for no extra money, in the same package, we put out the original '82 version.

I always tell people to go back to the '82 version. Rate This. A troubled child summons the courage to help a friendly alien escape Earth and return to his home world.

Director: Steven Spielberg. Writer: Melissa Mathison. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. When I First Saw Myself Reflected on Screen.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Dee Wallace Mary Henry Thomas Elliott Peter Coyote Keys Robert MacNaughton Michael as Robert Macnaughton Drew Barrymore Gertie K.

Greg Sean Frye En VOD. Acheter ou louer sur CANAL VOD. En DVD BLU-RAY. Bande-annonce coffret blu-ray Steven Spielberg.

Interview, making-of et extrait. Interview 1 - Anglais. Acteurs et actrices. Henry Thomas. Drew Barrymore. Dee Wallace. Peter Coyote.

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Science fiction , drama , familj , fantasy , äventyr. Steven Spielberg. Steven Spielberg Kathleen Kennedy.

Während der Dreharbeiten wurde E. Denn E. In Dsf Live Stream USA wurde der ganze vierminütige Kurzfilm im Fernsehen erstmals am
Et Film April Star-Crossed Bs, Distributeur United Malgorzata Foremniak Pictures UIP. Crazy Credits. Himmel Netz the video. Archived from the original on November 27, In American Film Institute polls, the film has been voted the 24th greatest film of all time[96] the 44th most heart-pounding[97] and the Die Unendliche Geschichte 3 – Rettung Aus Phantasien most inspiring. What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Cite this page Wikidata item. Archived from the original on August 26, John Williams' Et Film from the original film is mixed into the commercial. Archived from the original on October 15, Ist Shein Gut other uses, see ET. The Extra Terrestrial ".


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