Tour Of London Part Two

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Tour Of London Part Two

2: Scenes from a Memory erschien im Rahmen der für die Distance over Time Tour neu konzipierten und auf der Live-DVD Distant Memories – Live in London​. It started off with “Playing the Globe”, Part Two, the second practical workshop with Philip As part of another walking tour, the group visited London Bridge, the​. Freitag, Tour of London: Part Two um auf Adult Channel: Madison Ivy's tour of London continues with her lifelong dream of making a Buckingham. <

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Part Two. Letzte Woche bin ich für einen Daytrip nach London geflogen und habe Street Art rund um die Brick Lane bestaunt. In einem ersten. Tour of london part two aletta ocean Video. Visit advertiser. One of our hottest teen pornstars. Tour of london part. Freitag, Tour of London: Part Two um auf Adult Channel: Madison Ivy's tour of London continues with her lifelong dream of making a Buckingham.

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Tour Of London Part Two Mit Junge Reiterinnen Sport1 nah gelegenen Metro 3 Minuten entfernt erreicht man die Londoner City Download Thunderbird Portable von 20 Minuten. Oder man kann sie tatsächlich Schamanen nicht entziffern. On Saturday, everyone returned to Bremen and parted ways. Since it is more in the financial district, it is not crowded at the weekend and you can also enjoy a great view over London on the roof from here. The London tour had an excellent mix of structure with free time with each of the areas. My favorite activities were: the bus tour, changing of the guard, Tower of London, St. Paul's, Windsor Castle, Globe theatre and Borough Market. It's amazing that we got to see so very many things in a week's time. Favorite "WOW" moment.

Love the history of the area and the food. London during the holiday season was dazzling! We saw all the traditional sights, our guide was amazing and witty, and made the whole trip a pleasure.

From the food tour, to a tour of Windsor and the castle, everyday was a new adventure. Jeanie was a first-rate guide; her knowledge of both traditional London history coupled with "insider" facts and anecdotes helped create an engaging, thought-provoking interaction that allowed each day to be both adventurous and meaningful.

An honest confession: I teach AP literature and am a huge Shakespeare fan Yes, I've read and watched all 37 plays! Nevertheless, the Globe tour was crisply, intelligently presented.

Jeanie was first rate. I really enjoyed her as our tour guide. There was so much to see in so short of time. The people on the tour were a great to get to know.

We were able to learn the history of food and try many new foods. This tour exceeded my expectations. We have taken 20 of your tours and, therefore, have fairly high expectations.

It was a very busy tour but we saw an incredible variety and number of places. I feel like we saw everything I had hoped for. This was my second Rick Steves tour, so I had an idea of what to expect.

This trip met my expectation and more! Everything about our trip ran like clockwork and was very easy.

The tour was very easy to sign up for and the information we received was very good and easy to follow. The trip was educational, delicious, and a delight.

We were able to see most of what we were hoping to, and now have a list of things we'd like to go back to see on another trip.

The architectural contrasts were really impressive and not something I'd ever thought about before. Gillian spoke about how Paris may be more unified in architectural style and may be perceived as more beautiful, but London has this wonderful eclectic mix of styles, from sections of Roman walls, ruins, and modern buildings all right next to each other.

The Best of London in 7 Days Tour exceeded my every expectation. The assortment of experiences gave this first-time overseas traveler a thirst to return to London as soon as I can.

I appreciated the balance between group activities and free time, to pursue individual interests and form friendships with other tour participants.

The hotel location was very convenient. Another fabulous RS tour that totally lived up to its reputation The tour had the perfect formula for success, great European destination excuse me..

Gillian skillfully ensured an amazing and memorable experience was had by all. Spectacular panoramic views afforded of the illuminated London skyline, ST.

Pauls Cathedral, and a series of bridges whose pastel lights create breathtaking and shimmering reflections in the River Thames that bedazzle the eye and nourish the soul.

The perfect romantic evening was complete, by continuing along the south bank of the Thames, with a final lap across the iconic Tower Bridge.

It was a great introduction to the city and its history, and it struck a good balance between group activities and time on our own. We got to know the Tube really well, so it was easy to get places during free afternoons and on the days we stayed in London after the tour ended.

I came to realize that we had barely scratched the surface of a few of London's neighborhoods and sights, but it was enough so that I know I want to return to London.

The rooms and furnishings themselves were fascinating, and the videotaped interviews of people who had lived and worked in those rooms for years gave the site a startling authenticity.

By the time I left there, I felt I had lived through part of WWII myself in those rooms. It's hard to believe that these were the conditions under which Churchill and his advisers planned British war strategy.

The rooms seem so primitive. London weather, London crowds, London queues all masterfully orchestrated by conductor Roy.

All the local guides were outstanding in their knowledge and communicative abilities to educate and possibly enlighten us.

The Globe Theater tour segment provided a superb experience. London was most enjoyable surprise. The accessibility of theater and musical entertainment was amazing.

When I win the mega million lottery, I plan to buy an apartment to become a part year London resident. But my "blue bird of happiness" moment was sitting chatting with tour members at the George Inn while drinking my warm mulled cider with a bit of vanilla rum added.

This tour is an excellent way to experience many facets of London in a short period of time. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and fun.

The group excursions and local guides were well-timed and interesting. I like that we had a variety of tours - history, art, culture, food, music - so each day was different.

Our group members embraced the "No Grumps" attitude. So glad we did this tour, at this time, with the group we met! How special to see Windsor Castle, Harrod's, and the markets decked out for Christmas.

A true delight! This was my first time travelling out of the country. I was anxious but had a very pleasant time. I appreciated the informative info from Roy all along the way.

It was a very busy trip including so many sites to see. It was helpful to have break times for coffee or toilets.

The free afternoon times were great. I loved Windsor Castle and the village shopping. Always having the audible device was great!

I never felt lost. I had a wonderful time in London. It was my first trip to Europe. We got to be pros on the Tube! I loved the fact that we stayed so close to St.

I loved walking through them when we had a little bit of free time. The tour was action packed and top of the line.

I felt that the tour allowed us to see all of the important sites in London and did not feel rushed or overwhelming.

I think the group activities balanced well with the time to explore on your own. The tour guide was exceptional and kept the group entertained and on point for the activities.

Overall, very impressed and pleased with the tour. I enjoyed seeing the Elgin Marbles from Greece. I liked viewing the Rosetta Stone and that after a long day our tour guide Tom allowed for history on the stone and then let us explore the museum on our own.

The tour experience was excellent. I learned so much about British history and was informed in entertaining ways by our guide Tom. The other tour guides were very good and knew their subjects.

The Egyptian, Roman, Greek and Assyrian galleries were amazing! I've wanted to visit the museum for as long as I can remember and finally did so.

The overall tour experience was outstanding. We covered a lot of territory in a very short period of time and yet we still had more than enough "down time" to cover those things that we wanted to see which were not covered as part of the tour.

Overall tour was wonderful. London is a exciting and easily navigable city. Tom, our guide, was fun and informative, offering insights we wouldn't have discovered on our own.

The hotel we stayed in was upscale and in a convenient central London location. Food, history, street art - what more could you ask for?

The London tour had an excellent mix of structure with free time with each of the areas. My favorite activities were: the bus tour, changing of the guard, Tower of London, St.

Paul's, Windsor Castle, Globe theatre and Borough Market. It's amazing that we got to see so very many things in a week's time.

In my opinion, it will be the most beautiful church that I ever see. Going for Evensong was spiritual. Following the service, there was an outdoor presentation on the church of those people that watched over the church during the bombings- "Where Light Falls".

Wonderful experience. The tour closely matched the description. Good food and options. By far the best part and the glue that held the tour together was the guide Tom.

Extremely knowledgeable, the perfect mix of valued and fun information without too much, kept the group together, on time and aware without nagging - and a fantastic British sense of humor.

The guide went out of his way to value each member of the group. It was a more hands-on, personal experience a little different from touring a church or museum.

A great chance to see a different yet vibrant part of London, with wonderful stories and - as we discovered - a variety of tasty treats.

I was expecting to really enjoy this tour, but I absolutely LOVED it! I loved the knowledge of our guide Tom, who could answer any question, give an impromptu history lesson and inject humor throughout our travels.

It should be known, that one needs to be in pretty good shape to do this particular tour. We saw all of the major sights, and surprisingly had fabulous food throughout London.

I also loved our morning Food Tour including the Bacon Sandwich. On one our free afternoons, we took a "Street Art Tour" and that was amazing.

I would recommend that as a suggestion for free time. Many on our tour saw our pictures, and said that they would have liked to have done that.

Paul's Cathedral was my WOW. The views from up there are stunning. Jammed packed tour! Great overview of everything London has to offer.

Itinerary was a bit strenuous, but we really got to see the major sites. Tom was a terrific guide, enjoyed his witty and clever narratives.

Hotel was in a perfect location to the underground, restaurants, and many of the major sites. Wonderful group of people on this tour, everyone was punctual and conscientious.

Overall a great week! George's Chapel, going back in history to Tower of London, and St. Paul's Cathedral was an unexpected surprise.

Visiting the Globe Theater was a nice way to end the week. Roy was great! Hotel was great! London was very crowded, more than I expected.

This made my experience less than outstanding. I enjoyed seeing London but I do not think I would go back. Even though the tour did not stop at the market, the walk through was interesting.

After walking through the market, Roy provided a short historical context of the market and the adjoining neighborhoods. Very organized. I felt safe and was very happy with the accommodations.

Our guide, Roy, was fabulous. It was a phenomenal trip. Evensong at St. Paul's Climbing the spiral stairs at St.

Paul's The Food tour of London! This tour hit all the highlights of London while still allowing individual time to explore or relax. I would emphasize that this is indeed a strenuous tour with lots of walking, standing and stairs.

Those that aren't in decent shape or have "bum knees" will definitely feel it. The thrill of being in London and the distraction of all that history plus some ibuprofen helps to manage the aches and pains.

I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Paul's Cathedral. It serves as an eternal tribute to those who gave their all for the freedom of the U.

The sight of Tower Bridge was just what I needed to tell me "Yep, this is London "! Sadly, Big Ben was behind scaffolding.

Our week in London was filled with memorable experiences thanks in large part to our great tour guide, Roy.

The breadth and depth of his knowledge of history brought the sites we visited to life. He was an exceptional leader!

The itinerary was a great mix of group sightseeing and time to explore on our own. London was exquisite. I was struck by the graciousness, the polite responses I received from everyone from store personnel, hotel staff and the stranger on the street.

The hotel was perfect - centrally located within easy walking distance to public transit and major attractions. Roy was an excellent guide, providing a thorough orientation to the city and expanding on the historical significance of everything we experienced from the British Museum to Brexit.

Although we were behind barriers, we could see her profile along with Prince Charles and his wife. This was only because our guide for the Westminster Abbey tour Brian offered to take us to the corner where he knew the carriage would pass when we completed our Westminster tour.

He went out of his way to give us that opportunity and it was delightful!! It was a trip of a lifetime! Superseded any expectations I could've had.

The sites were planned out methodically. We never had to wait in line. The days flowed very easily.

All the guides at the particular sites were superior! Our tour guide Roy adjusted our schedule so we could see the Queen and her entourage leave from behind Parliament.

It was such a special opportunity to witness such a historic all event. This was our first Rick Steve's tour and my husband and I were not disappointed!

The Best of London in 7 Days provided a comprehensive, wonderful London experience. My husbands was visiting the Tower of London.

We had a wonderful experience in London with Jeanie Carmichael. We were impressed by how much we saw and did in seven days. Jeanie was very positive and lots of fun.

She was so knowledgeable about London and it's history. Rick Steve's tours are the best! This was our 2nd Rick Steve's tour, so we new every day would full of information and amazing sites.

What really set this apart was our tour guide Jeanie. She is a life long resident of Britain, with passions for history, the arts, people, great food and drinks.

With our headsets, she would talk to us every step of the way from the hotel thru the Underground and every site we visited.

You simply cannot get that insight from reading a tour book or a recording! Ultimately we had no idea of the grand expanse and beauty of Windsor Castle.

Plus Rick Steve's tour groups have reservations and all fees are handled by our Guide, so we can walk right in and enjoy site.

It was an fantastic tour start to finish! Jeanie was an amazing guide. She was cheerful, patient, enthusiastic, and incredibly knowledgeable about everything London.

The sites were fantastic, the hotel was clean and conveniently located, and, overall, it was an incredible week.

The doubledecker bus tour, Globe Theater and East End tour were also great. It was very convenient having The tour planned for us and having tickets arranged ahead of time to all the sites we would have wanted to see without having to wait in long lines to get in.

The schedule was sufficiently busy with the right balance of free time to explore on our own. And Jeanie, our guide was fantastic!

Visiting the UK has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, and this experience was everything I hoped for and more.

We were so fortunate to have Jeanie as a guide with her extensive knowledge, profound kindness, and delightful wit. One of the best things about London is that you can be in the middle of traffic and busy commuters, turn the corner, and all of a sudden, you're in a quiet churchyard or a serene park.

It was my second Rick Steves tour--hopefully of many more to come! To finally be in the presence of such incredible history and see so many eminent figures honored there was completely awe-inspiring.

The beauty of Westminster Abbey struck me as well, especially the fan vaulted ceiling. I was flooded with so many emotions. On my own time, I also saw Hamilton as well as A Midsummer Night's Dream at Shakespeare's Globe.

It was a dream come true to see such incredible theatre! This was our fifth Rick Steves tour and first city tour. Loved being able to unpack for the week.

The pace is brisk, but broken up with some afternoons and evenings to do as you wish. Great balance of history, culture, and sightseeing.

Seven days is just not enough time to fully experience everything London has to offer. However, this tour provides a good overview of some major sights.

It will inspire you to learn more about British history and monarchy and to brush up on your Shakespeare. The visits to local pubs, restaurants, and markets are fun and interesting.

Be prepared to walk and to navigate the Tube! However, the visit to Windsor Castle stands out. The interior and exterior of the castle is beautiful, including St.

George's Chapel and the view of the English countryside. Even if you are not interested in royalty, the history there is quite impressive. Great seeing places and things I have read about for years.

Gillian is a super tour guide, helpful, explaining, filling us in on amusing historical information and she does a wicked impersonation of the Queen.

Good selection of planned sights, plus saw a lot during our free time. I want to go back again to see more. The tour was as described but I was not prepared for the ACTUAL level of activity amount, distance, pace.

It was fast-paced and pretty exhausting! I was concerned about the hotel, as it did not get great reviews on-line. But, it was a nice place and centrally located for tube travel.

Having Shepard's Market across the street was AMAZING, especially when the weather was bad or we were too tired to go too far from the hotel for dinner.

The group was a good mix of singles vs couples. We visited all the sites as expected; got there the way were were told we would; felt prepared once there.

The group was friendly. I did like the tour of the Globe and walk to Bourough Hall. This was my second Rick Steves Tour the other a 7 Days in Rome Gillian was outstanding.

She knows her history and has a great sense of humor. I love the imagination and design of these and other buildings I saw.

The tour was well organized and everything ran as scheduled. The choice of activities seemed very good at giving an introduction to the city of London given the short time we had there.

Gillian was an excellent guide with informative history and stories about Britain. Status of strenuousness on the itinerary was correct.

The Abbey is an awesome vessel for eons of history and remains of historical figures. Walking through there I "felt" the spirits of history.

I had a wonderful week touring London. Gillian was gracious, efficient, and a marvelous, knowledgeable resource for a first time visitor to the UK.

There was a perfect balance of group time and free time to explore on my own. This was out first trip to Europe.

We had multiple concerns about everything from transportation to local customs, food and lodging. The people with Rick Steves set our minds at ease and had simple answers to all of our questions.

Our experience could not have been more enjoyable. They crossed paths right in front of us. Our guide told us that was a rare moment.

The London Tour book included in the tour kit was so helpful. I felt prepared to explore safely and comfortably during the two days I spent solo before meeting the group.

This was my first Rick Steve's tour. In fact, this was my first time as a solo international traveler.

The tour group members were very welcoming, which added to my enjoyment of the tour. I liked the amount and variety of activities scheduled each day, especially since I like walking a lot.

I look forward to future RS tours. Being under the dome of The Great Court on a sunny afternoon was so lovely. Another favorite moment was feeling empowered enough to walk from The Cburchill Museum through St.

James Park, Green Park, and Hyde Park into Kensington Gardens to photograph the Peter Pan statue. Feeling inspired, I walked on to Paddington Rail Station to photograph the Paddington Bear statue then rode the Tube to the hotel.

Loved Windsor Castle Impressed we never wasted time in line. If I had been feeling better I would have rated the tour as outstanding. But my hip and back decided otherwise.

However, I made every day but one. Getting left at the tube station by myself when the train's doors shut leaving me with no money, ticket, or I.

By the way, this happened before the tour started. That would never happen in the states. On the tour, being given V. It was our first city tour and it was more strenuous that we anticipated and we're in good shape.

It kicked our butt I took the round trip viewing 3 times! All in all, it was a very educational trip which I enjoyed in many ways - the historical sites and the history , the local customs and the food.

Even the weather, which was mostly sunny and warm,cooperated except for a brief downpour on my last day. Our guide, Tom, our guide, was excellent and all of us marveled at his mastery of the history of the sites we visited.

His droll? The waves of immigration that took place over the years and the way the character of the area changed over time makes one want to learn more about London besides the popular tourist areas.

The food was so much better than what I remember from my first trip to England thirty years ago. Yes, the English know how to use salt and pepper and other spices.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour which exceeded my expectations for a guided tour. Daily activities were thoughtfully organized to acquaint us with different areas each day.

We saw the major sites but didn't feel rushed enjoying them. It was helpful to have the admission process to various sites taken care of by our guide and seemed to save time as well.

There was enough free time left in the day to explore each area on our own. Tom, the tour guide, was wonderful. Enjoyable personality, great knowledge of the area and an all around good guy.

Everyone in the tour group was pleasant and easy to work with. We saw so many wonderful sites. I have to look at my pictures to remember it all.

You were able to see so much on the city. All of the beautiful buildings and architecture. Help me to see not only how beautiful the city was but to orient myself as to where things were for future walking trips.

Our second RS tour - first being Italy 18 day a few years back. What made this trip as with the previous - our Tour Guide was exceptional on so many levels!!!

Tom set the tone, tempo, spirit and love for discovery of all things London! Agai , Bravo!! Tom's tour of London was fabulous, exceeding all expectations!

Tom was knowledgeable, entertaining, fun and patient. He knows his stuff and is a real people person, making us all feel welcome and the week enjoyable.

We liked the mix of activities and the opportunities to do things on our own. The farewell dinner on the final night at About Thyme was really very good and we felt like we were parting with old friends.

This was our first Rick Steves tour and we'll be back! While we were there the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra was rehearsing in the Chapel and that was real treat to sit and listen to amazing musicians practicing.

The food tour of London was also very good. We has the most delightful guide and fellow travelers. Well organized and delivered on the agenda as described!

It was a nice balance of sight seeing and cultural experiences. Traveling throughout London on the public transportation system as a group was exciting and gave another authentic experience of modern London.

This made everything so much more meaningful and interesting. He seemed to always be available later to talk in more detail about particular points of interest.

I had a great time. Two things stood out. One - public transportation was great. Two - the locals were very polite, friendly, and helpful.

Of the itinerary on the tour, I think visiting the Shakespeare Theatre was a pleasant surprise. Tom the Train, tube, train, bus and we made it!

What fun. Once we learned the public transportation system we had the confidence to truly see London. This new found confidence is fueling us to take on Paris next!

This was a great tour. There was a good balance of structured touring time and our independent time was quite ample.

I had always wanted to visit London and the tour far surpassed my expectations. My wife and I have already planned another trip next year to London.

We plan on staying in London, then taking a cruise for 12 days around England, Ireland, and Scotland, and then another 3 days in London.

Can't wait. Along with the tickets included a dinner. We found the restaurant and sat down for dinner. An elderly couple sat next to us and for the next 90 minutes talked to us about being in London as children and experiencing the bombing of London in WWII.

It was an experience that I will never forget as long as I live. Also the show we saw was COME FROM AWAY and it was unbelievable.

This was my first Rick Steves tour and it did not disappoint. It was a perfect way to see London as I had come alone. I arrived in London 2 days prior to the tour and stayed at a hotel recommended in the London guide book.

It was a good choice for me. Unfortunately, I would not return to the hotel that was selected for the tour. While the hotel location was perfect, the rest not so much.

Jeanie was the perfect guide. Pauls Cathedrals and The London Tower were full of "wow" moments for me. I learned so much history. This was our first Rick Steves tour and were greatly impressed with the entire experience!

Excellent attention to all details which made the trip easy and enjoyable. Feeling comfortable getting to the theater and back to our hotel on our own!

Plus theater in London is an incredible experience! It was an absolutely wonderful tour! The hotel was within walking distance of the Underground and other sites of interest.

Jeanie was an outstanding tour guide who was so knowledgeable and fun. She took us to the best places to eat and drink. We saw so many great historical places.

I enjoyed myself so much that I would take it again. Since it is not nearly as crowded as Buckingham Palace, it was far easier to get up close and feel the experience.

Also we got to see the Tower Bridge open across the Thames, not an everyday occurrence. London was awesome, fascinating and rich in history Our guide, Jeanie was super and made the tour and unforgettable experience.

Paul's cathedral". Jeanne was a fantastic tour guide- knowledgeable, entertaining, witty, friendly and a pleasure to be with.

Highest accolades to her, an absolute gem of a guide. Me n my husband did a back to back Paris and London tour. The Paris tour exceeded our expectations and we are hoping we will see as much in London.

The tour guide is excellent and very knowledgeable but must be limited by the itenaries. It still a good tour, we just hoping they added more interesting places in the itenary.

We appreciate how swiftly we are able to go inside and not falling in line , it's organized. The tour was wonderful! I loved every place we visited - from Windsor Castle to the Tower of London as well as the Afternoon Tea experience to the Taste of London tour.

Our tour guide, Jeanie Carmichael was so knowledgeable and extremely funny! She patiently educated us on how to use the tube, the bus and the above ground trains to get acquainted with London, even though we were all very apprehensive.

My favorite "wow" was ALL the interesting and funny stories that our fabulous tour guide, Jeanie Carmichael told us. She was full of information and humourous stories for all of the sights that we saw and all the experiences we had.

Our guide Gillian was great. She was personable and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the pace and diversity of things we saw and did. The food choices were fantastic!

We had a good group of folks - slightly older age group than I expected based upon our previous Rick Steve's tour but as it turns out, a very active and friendly group.

Other wow moment was the huge contrast between the new architecture and old in London - especially the financial district buildings. Gillian did such a great job getting us to spots where we could take great pictures!

Third wow - seeing the friezes from the Parthenon at the the British Museum. Our guide Gillian was great! Nice balance of history, art, and local communities.

Very good hotel location in Mayfair near Buckingham Palace. Pay close attention to Rick Steve's warnings on thieves and pick pockets. There are plenty of artfull dodgers around.

We came away feeling we had a solid knowledge base of London. My first time in London, extremely pleased with the experience. Our guide Gillian was wonderful sharing stories and history while seeing all the sites.

This is a perfect trip for people who have never been to London before. The London Tour in 7 days was amazing! We had a very knowledgeable tour guide in Gillian!

She is just a fountain of knowledge. Gilliam is a Very patient, kind and generous person! I enjoyed each and every days experiences!

I would highly recommend it to all my friends and family! It was impossible to absorb it all! There were actually "wow moments" daily!

I loved it all! I loved the London City tour. I really was able to see a good mix of what London has to offer. We combined the tour with our own Musical Tour.

It worked out great. The jewels were being cleaned last time I went. Loved the tour of East London and the City of London.

A nice enjoyable tour with very friendly people, BUT, there was either a website mistake or we weren't given 1 of the dinners.

We rec'd 2 dinners, 1 on first night and one on last night. Website info under "What is included" said we would receive half our dinners, which would be 3 dinners.

I emailed about this earlier; waiting for final reply from you. Westminster Abbey, train ride to Windsor Castle, Churchill war rooms. This was my fourth Rick Steves tour but my first city tour.

It was definitely a quicker pace than the other tours I experienced. I loved feeling like I didn't miss any sites because we maximized every minute of every day.

There was enough time on our own that if you wanted a rest you could. The history behind the war rooms and their discovery was a real "wow" moment for me.

Of course seeing the writing on the walls in the Tower was also a "wow" moment. Unimaginable that they have survived for so many years.

Our group of London adventurers, with our fearless leader, Jamie, found our Green Park Mayfair location ideal. We made excellent use of the Underground and many sights afforded lovely walks.

Her story telling brought the history to life. The tour was beyond my expectations. Our tour guide, Jamie, was wonderful! Not only was he very knowledgeable about London, he made our trip fun and interesting.

I definitely plan on going on another Rick Steve's tour. While I loved seeing all of the sights and museums, I have to say our "food tour" was really special and a unique way of experiencing London.

This was our first guided tour and it could not have been better. We saw things we would never have seen or even known about had we been on our own.

Jamie our guide knows his stuff. Very knowledgible and professional. He had everything organized and on schedule. The hotel was very nice and in a great location.

Others who guided us on the walking food tour and at the Shakespeare Globe theater were also excellent. The audio system used on the tour was excellent.

I toured many historic sites, learned an amazing amount of British history and enjoyed the camaraderie among the tour group.

There was just enough free time each day to allow for individual exploring such as gardens in local parks or the theater. Our tour guide, Jamie, knew a massive amount of Information.

He was successful in getting us all to places on time either by walking, the Tube, bus and the train. Very impressive.

Walking right next to Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots tombs was very moving. I'll never forget seeing the Tower of London gates that Anne Boleyn traveled through, the writing on the walls there and, of course, the Crown Jewels.

Visiting Windsor Castle and St George's Chapel was amazing. I also took a day on my own to tour Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace to learn more about Queen Victoria.

They were beautiful. It was a good tour group and we enjoyed meeting everyone. Gillian was an excellent guide and made it enjoyable. We felt like we saw a lot in the time we were there and also enjoyed our free time to do some additional activities.

I thought the bus tour at the beginning was a little long but I'm not a big fan of bus tours. Wonderful- Jillian especially was an outstanding tour guide.

Despite having done this tour many times, Jillian still had the enthusiasm of first time tour guide. She was fun to be with and extremely knowledgeable.

The fellow travelers were also a joy to get to know. We liked the balance of the time together as a group and the time alone to explore as we wished.

Our least favorite spot was the Globe theater, just because Shakespeare theater is not our thing. Tom delivered the information so well that when I wanted to yawn after 5 hours of touring I didn't because I was so engaged in what he had to say.

Tom delivery was so entertaining so I'd have to say TOM! I loved the variety of experiences and sites. Our tour group was congenial and fun.

Our tour guide Tom was knowledgeable and funny. The hotel was centrally located and the daily breakfast was wonderful. The tube was nearby and very easy to navigate.

I like having some free time to do a few things that were not part of the tour such as seeing shows in the evening. I feel like I saw the most important things in London, but I am ready to return to do some things we did not have time for.

The size of Windsor Castle surprised me. The whole tube setup was excellent. You can go anywhere in the city very easily and the trains run all the time.

The attendants were very helpful. The London trip was not my first choice nor my second or third, but it was one of my favorite trips that I have ever been on.

The way that Rick Steves tours are designed take all of the guesswork out and enable us to see more than we could possibly do on our own.

I was out voted by the rest of my family on our vacation choice and I'm glad I was. In my mind London was just a big city with just a few things to do.

Boy was I mistaken London is a fantastic city with a huge amount of history. My favorite was a little pub that our tour guide Tom suggested we go to.

We told him we wanted to go to an authentic British pub and that's exactly what we God it was so much fun, the bar staff and the people were fantastic.

There's no way we would've known about this little out-of-the-way Jem Without somebody like Tom. He was a fantastic guide and he is an awesome human being".

I thought that the tour was very good to excellent. My only issue was with the Windsor Castle portion of tour.

Otherwise, I was very happy to have been on this tour with Tom as our guide. The wow was based on the sum of the parts. Using the subway daily with a large group of people who were always on time and never getting lost was incredible, in my opinion.

Tom knew how to keep everyone together and he also had a wealth of knowledge about London and England in general. This was my first trip to Europe, and the experience way exceeded my expectations.

It felt comprehensive in that we experienced a lot of history, locations, culture and local color in a fairly short time.

We also did some things that felt off the beaten path that added to the local flavor both figuratively and literally: Visiting the local markets, sampling local food.

The tour was quite well organized, and from my perspective, went off without a hitch! I loved the abbey and St. Paul's, and how it survived the blitz.

The Churchill War Rooms were something I've wanted to see for years and they were excellent. Heading to Heathrow by train after the tour, I felt that I really had been given the tools to visit London again and explore on my own!

I enjoyed having Jaime as our knowledgeable guide. The traveling group was perfect and we made new friends. However, the reason I didn't rate my experience as outstanding is because there wasn't time when we visited "shopping" areas in the morning, while the shops were still closed, to stay a little after and actually shop.

This was food tour day We seemed to be whisked off to another location rather quickly. Understandably, this was to keep the schedule but I feel that day should be revised.

Good hotel and location. Concierge good, but could have been some what more helpful in providing info, e. All good travelers in our group. Metro worked very well.

Would have loved to see aShakespeare performance. The British, but would have liked much more time here and some guided tour opportunities - less at churches.

Fantastic hotel location! Tom Hooper, our guide, was terrific - so funny and knowledgeable. Tour really needs to be at least 9 days so we could have gotten more afternoon free time to see things not on itinerary because some museums and attractions close around Windsor town and castle.

Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's, Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. Loved the time spent along the Thames".

First time trying a full week in one location. Although a hectic schedule, which is to be expected, it was good being in one location to unpack and enjoy that aspect.

A lot was packed into one week, but we wouldn't have gotten the full flavor of London, if not. I thoroughly enjoyed the historical significance of this lovely city and the time to explore.

We had a good group of people who were willing to do the work and get out there to see the world. Seeing the Queen's initial home was remarkable. According to the waving flag, she wasn't present during tour, but was there later in afternoon.

Also the Tower left a huge impression - especially when realizing the employees lived on the grounds. It was a beautiful location.

Please check our Service Update section for updates. This was a great way to get around and see more. Some busses had live tour guides which greatly added to the experience.

Reasonably priced and excellent routes. An added bonus and something we don't usually go for was the walking tour for the changing of the guards.

Comfortable bus, live guide, very professional. The guide suggested restaurants, bars, best London attractions, we had a nice tour and a river cruise.

Book with them you will never regret it! Discover London at your own pace aboard our award-winning open-top bus tours and Thames river cruise.

With stops in central London, we get you closer to the sites and attractions. Our themed London tours are filled with non-stop fun and excitement from start to finish.

You'll see lots of famous landmarks and each tour has been designed to give you a unique London experience. The Original Tour online vouchers can be used on ALL routes on ANY valid date.

Use within 6 months. Unlimited travel for your selected duration. Service suspended Following government advice surrounding coronavirus, we are suspending our bus tours of London and Windsor from Wednesday 16th December until further notice, and are not currently taking bookings.

Service Updates. Rating: 4 - 8, reviews. Discover London's top sites and attractions. From the beautiful dome, down to the crypt, over years of history await you.

Soar high above London for magnificent views of the city and make your trip extra special by adding a glass of bubbly.

Castle, prison, palace and fortress. Visit the infamous Tower of London where the dazzling Crown Jewels have been stored since the s. The place where monarchs are crowned, wed and laid to rest.

Not sure what you're looking for? Best for Views. Best for History. Best for Families. Best for Royal.

Fun London Tours.

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GZSZ-Star Thomas Drechsel: Ohne Brille - und wir htten ihn kaum Tour Of London Part Two. - An Overview

Das 5 Sterne Hotel liegt inmitten der wundervollen Altstadt! Tarantella Information. Wed 20th January, Access Information. It was a good tour group and we enjoyed meeting everyone. On our Best of London in 7 Days tour — among other Julia Görges Live — you'll need to happily…. This was my first tour, so I was Witzige Aschenbecher what to expect. For that reason, I'm glad that we chose the week in London tour. I liked staying in one MarvelS Agent Of Shield and exploring many aspects of London Top 10 Dsds 2021 a full week. This was the first time we've ever taken a tour. Service suspended Following government advice surrounding coronavirus, we are suspending Deadpool 2 Stram bus tours of London Aurelius Dumbledore Windsor from Wednesday 16th Seth Rogen until further notice, and are not currently taking bookings. She was so knowledgeable about London and it's history. Extremely knowledgeable, the perfect mix of valued and fun information without too much, Metropolis Cinema the group together, on öngyilkos Osztag and aware without nagging - and a fantastic British sense of humor. All in all, it was a very educational trip which I enjoyed in many ways Greys Anatomy Burning Series the historical sites and the historythe local customs and the food. If I had been feeling better I would have rated the tour as outstanding. Second Verflixt Murphys Gesetz moment, the Crown Jewels. Of course seeing the writing Prosieben Maxx Sendung Verpasst the walls in the Tower was also a "wow" moment. The London Tour book included in the tour kit was so helpful. Jamie our guide knows his stuff.
Tour Of London Part Two


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