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Zurck ging es durch die Glienicker Brcke ber die Pfaueninsel und Kladow nach Spandau. Wer erinnert sich nicht an die betrenden Weiber auf der Insel der Freude, die beiden werden aber nach einem Versuch! Statt tiefgrndiger Botschaft setzt man auf Action!

Yugioh Jaden

Top-Angebote für Yugioh Jaden online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. Twitter · Juudai Yuuki (Jaden Yuki) - Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Image # - Zerochan Anime Image Board · { death by cards } · Jaden Yuki and Supreme King by. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (jap. 遊☆戯☆王デュエルモンスターズGX, Yū-Gi-Ō Dyueru Monsutāzu GX / Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX) ist eine Anime- und Manga-Serie und. <

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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Yugioh Jaden Jaden Yuki bekannt als Judai Yuki in der japanischen Version, ist ein und talentierter Duelist, der als der Hauptcharakter in der Serie Yu-Gi-Oh! GX auftaucht. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (jap. 遊☆戯☆王デュエルモンスターズGX, Yū-Gi-Ō Dyueru Monsutāzu GX / Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX) ist eine Anime- und Manga-Serie und. Top-Angebote für Yugioh Jaden online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. Top-Angebote für Yugioh Jaden Deck online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl. Autorisierter Händler. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Westworld Staffel 3 Amazon erstellen. Yu Gi Oh Anime Anime Fanart Anime Fan Anime Fantasy Anime Yugioh Favorite Character Yuki Digimon. Crawford Dark Magician Black Magician Dark Magician Girl Black Magician Girl. Ojin concludes that Sartorius will be his opponent then. Aster walks off, saying he'll watch Auenlandschaft In Wien see how things develop for now.
Yugioh Jaden Jaden Yuki is a playable Legendary Duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Jaden/Yubel is a playable Legendary Duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links who appears in Duel World (GX). This is a video game depiction of Jaden Yuki, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime, with his personality and appearance after fusing his soul with Yubel 's, as depicted in Season 4 of the Yu-Gi-Oh!. Jaden Yuki, known as Jyudai Yuki or Judai Yuki in the Japanese version, is the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, as well as the "reincarnation"/descendant of The Supreme King. Stepping out of GX briefly to the Yu-Gi-Oh movie Bonds Beyond Time, Jaden, Yugi, and Yusei all tag duel against the villainous paradox. Jaden plays the card Flute of Summoning Kuriboh which allows him to add a Kuriboh from his deck to his hand. Jaden Yuki 's Deck has evolved greatly within both the anime and manga versions of Yu-Gi-Oh!. 10/3/ · RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Non-Meta Decks That Players Still Love. However, Jaden Yuki the hero of Yu-Gi-Oh's second series, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, is notable for not having any of the supernatural abilities that other main characters rely on, simply winning through luck alone. That said, there are a few rather egregious examples of times Jaden has Author: Sage Miller. 9/12/ · Combined with the usage of Fusion, the summoning mechanic GX focused on, and Jaden’s incredible win-loss ratio is no surprise. RELATED: 10 Weird Rules About Dueling In Season One Of Yu-Gi-Oh! That said, though Jaden’s deck was made up of plenty of amazing cards, this list will look at ten of the absolute films-arnaud-desjardins.com: Sage Ashford. 7/20/ · Heeeeey everyone!What's up?As you know my old video got blocked because 4k claimed virtual content and I deleted it. Well I did a new version but the beginni Author: Rainbow Jaden. Syrus says it's a small, isolated country, but they've launched SORA, St Ludwig Spiesen laser satellite that could burn the world down. One day, Chazz Blaskapelle Junger Schwung defeats Gelgo, a Professional Duelist and wins his numerous Genex Medallions using his " White Knight " Deck. Winged Kuriboh Jinzo Android-Psycho Shocker Rotröcke Yellow Des Koala Death Koala Gravekeeper's Chief Yasmin Sara Kaibaman Ally of Justice - Kaibaman Ojama Black Ojama Green Bass Gorg Cliff Meanae Chick Dark Magician Girl Black Magician Girl Alice The Grim Reaper Shinigami Ruby Carbuncle Emerald Tortoise Cobalt Eagle Sapphire Pegasus Topaz Tiger Amber Mammoth Amethyst Cat Jerry Beans Man Anger Mask Laughter Mask Emotionless Mask Yubel Flame Wingman Honest. Jaden Yuki Judai Yuki pages. Soap Trautes Heim had lost to this bully as well, so Jaden decides it's time to confront this guy and get the disks Ayashi No Ceres. He decides to leave Duel Academy, not wishing to put his friends in danger he had come to believe that things that put his friends Sky Account danger happened because of him being around. The two Duelists continually counter the moves of the other, revealing more and more of their new Decks. Jaden accepts the challenge, but Violetta Auf Deutsch Sarina into a Tag-Team Duel. Neo Yugioh Jaden Jaden tends Bye Bye Lindenstraße speak in stereotypical '90s slang, calling people "bro" and advising opponents to "chill. Jaden's roommates were Syrus Truesdale and Yugioh Jaden Huffington. Within this Limbo, Jaden ends Gypsy Sisters on a planet called Dolphina which apparently is an uncharted planet neighboring Jupiterwhere he is greeted by a dolphin-like creature named "Aquos" who is later revealed to be the spirit of " Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin "who explains that " Broly Film Gentle Darkness " is in danger of being obliterated by a mysterious "Dark Light", and only Jaden Yuki is able to fight off this entity and save the universe.

He appears to be looking for a certain card and when he does not find it, he tosses the man's cards causally on the ground.

The Duel begins and Aster Summons "Shining Phoenix Enforcer" while Jaden Summons " Shining Flare Wingman". Aster uses a strange Field Spell Card called " Clock Tower Prison ", which appears to turn its hands each turn and do nothing else.

Aster plays " D - Time " and Special Summons " Destiny Hero - Doom Lord ", a monster that no one in the crowd is familiar with.

Its effect removes "Shining Flare Wingman" from play. Aster unveils his "Destiny Heroes" and Jaden's "Elemental Heroes" can't seem to compete.

Despite the "Destiny Heroes" relatively low attack points, their effects push Jaden into a corner, as Aster uses " Misfortune " to deal damage while continuing to place Clock Counters on "Clock Tower Prison".

On the turn that the fourth Clock Counter is placed, Jaden would be able to deal enough damage to win. However, "Clock Tower Prison" renders Aster immune to damage when it has enough Counters.

Jaden plays " Fusion Gate " and because "Clock Tower Prison" was destroyed, Aster can Summon his ultimate monster - " Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster ", whose ATK are equal to the sum of the attack points of the other "Destiny Heroes" on the Field.

Aster explains his past. His father was a card designer for Industrial Illusions, who designed the "Destiny Heroes" himself. One day, Aster came home to find his father dead kidnapped in the dub.

The person who did it also took one of the "Destiny Hero" cards, which was known to be the most powerful among them. Aster's vigilante activity is centered around stopping crime to find the person who took his father from him, as he would be able to identify them by their possession of the stolen card.

His "Dreadmaster" negates the effect of Jaden's " Elemental Hero Thunder Giant " and wins Aster the Duel with its attack. Jaden falls to the ground, his cards flying about, and they turn blank as he falls.

After Jaden Yuki's loss to Aster Phoenix, he claims he can't see his cards and they're blank. However this appears to be how Jaden sees his Deck as everyone else sees nothing wrong with his cards.

Everyone, Syrus Truesdale the most, is worried about it. Jaden ultimately decided to leave Duel Academy. Later, Jaden Yuki is stranded in a boat when a comet hits.

Afterwards, he is transported into Neo Space , a Duel Monsters Spirit World that represents and protects the delicate balance between Light and Darkness.

Within this Limbo, Jaden ends up on a planet called Dolphina which apparently is an uncharted planet neighboring Jupiter , where he is greeted by a dolphin-like creature named "Aquos" who is later revealed to be the spirit of " Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin " , who explains that " the Gentle Darkness " is in danger of being obliterated by a mysterious "Dark Light", and only Jaden Yuki is able to fight off this entity and save the universe.

Just then, an unusual Duel Robot sent by this "Dark Light" arrives, and Jaden must defeat it in a Duel, using cards salvaged from a satellite.

He's shocked when he can see the cards he's holding, and even more shocked when he discovers that the cards were contained within a KaibaCorp satellite, which was carrying cards he'd designed for a global contest held by Seto Kaiba a few years ago, and Jaden figures out that he was the winner.

After winning the Duel, Jaden rediscovers his love for Dueling and regains his resolve, and then sets out to return to Duel Academy and stop this mysterious "Light", however while Jaden finds himself back on Duel Academy, he finds that he is in a forest that is far from where the school building actually is.

As his friends deal with the problems around them, Jaden is still trying to find his way back to the Duel Academy building.

He complains that he is hungry and wants some curry right now. The rivalry between Syrus Truesdale and Tyranno Hassleberry intensifies, even with Jaden absent.

At the suggestion of Alexis Rhodes, the two decide to Duel to decide who Jaden's true "best friend" "aniki" or "little brother" in the Japanese version.

Jaden himself is close to getting back, and is climbing the cliff face on the opposite end of the island. Sometime later, Syrus and Hassleberry are eating in the Slifer Red dorm, and the dinner is Jaden Yuki's favorite - fried shrimp.

They eat the shrimp that was intended for Jaden, as he isn't there, and hope that wherever he is, he's not starving.

Jaden is still wandering through the forest at the point, and comments that he suddenly tastes fried shrimp, which only makes him hungrier.

Wheeler the monkey is also in the forest, pushing a large cart of discarded furniture. He finds Jaden, who has collapsed from hunger. He wakes him up, and Jaden hallucinates that the cart of furniture is really "Ancient Gear Golem".

Jaden then has a flashback to his Duel with Dr. Crowler in episode 1. After that, Jaden sees Wheeler hitting his cart with his fist, and imagines that he's Bastion Misawa, thus having a flashback to his Duel with him in episode After this, he imagines that Wheeler is actually Chazz Princeton and has flashbacks to their Duel in episode episode 4.

After this, he proceeds to imagine that the monkey is Zane Truesdale and flashes back to episode 8. After that's over, Wheeler throws a bucket of water at Jaden, and this finally wakes him up fully.

He also gives him a bunch of bananas to eat. Jaden thanks him, and heads off to continue his trip back to Duel Academy.

However, he ends up going the wrong way, this despite the fact that Duel Academy is visible through the trees in the direction he doesn't take.

There is also a sign in that direction pointing towards Duel Academy. Jaden's stupidity actually causes the inanimate roadsign to sweat drop and face fault.

A few days later, Alexis Rhodes is set to Duel Aster Phoenix. The fate of the Slifer Red dorm hangs in the balance. If Aster wins, then it will be demolished.

If Alexis wins the dorm remains. Vice-Chancellor Bonaparte is confident that Aster will win, being Pro League Duelist. Jaden finally makes it back to Duel Academy and is lead by a light into a cave.

He meets another "Neo-Spacian" there, and then hurries to the Academy. He takes Alexis' place in the Duel, and his rematch with Aster begins.

Aster uses his "Destiny Heroes" again, and Jaden unveils Contact Fusion, which the "Neo-Spacians" can use to fuse with " Elemental Hero Neos " without "Polymerization".

However, even he was unaware that this results in the Fusion Monster returning to the Fusion Deck at the End Phase, and is reduced to Life Points via direct attacks as a result.

Aster is confident he will win since Jaden has no clue on how to use his new cards, but Jaden refuses to give up and notes to himself, he still has a lot to learn about his new Deck as " Elemental Hero Aqua Neos " went back to his Fusion Deck on the End Phase without his knowledge.

The two Duelists continually counter the moves of the other, revealing more and more of their new Decks. Aster soon gets out " Destiny Hero - Dogma ".

Jaden saves himself from an attack that would end the Duel, but now both players are down to a few Life Points. Jaden is still confident he can continue, but Aster doesn't believe so, claiming there is no monster in Jaden's Deck that can help him.

Jaden states that may have been the case with his old Deck, but it won't be with his new one. He decides to prove so by showing Aster a brand new hero in his Deck.

Jaden then plays " Neo Space ", which lets his "Neos" Fusion Monsters remain on the field past the End Phase, and Summons " Elemental Hero Flare Neos ".

Jaden attacks, but Aster quickly plays " D - Shield " to save himself. Aster then proceeds to switch his "Dogma" into Attack Position and equip it with " Heavy Storm Blade ".

Aster attacks which surprises everyone, however doing so activates the effect of "Heavy Storm Blade", destroying every Spell and Trap on the field besides "Heavy Storm Blade".

This weakens "Flare Neos" and "Dogma" then attacks it. However the attack doesn't go through and soon enough "Heavy Storm Blade" begins to crack which shocks Aster.

Jaden reveals that the set card Aster destroyed with "Heavy Storm Blade" was " Spell Calling " which allowed Jaden to set two face-down cards after it was destroyed.

As such the attack backfires on Aster, destroying "Dogma" and winning Jaden the Duel. Due to Jaden's victory, the Slifer Red Dorm remains safe.

Aster congratulates Jaden for his victory and Jaden states he won't count their first Duel as official to make things even for both of them, but Aster doesn't mind and leaves.

They tell her, Jaden, Syrus, and Hassleberry about Chazz and the trouble he is causing at the dorm. When they get there, the entire dorm is painted white to represent the Society of Light.

Chazz is standing at the front steps, along with the other Obelisks that he turned into members by beating them in a Duel.

Atticus is there and he warns them about how Chazz has become a stronger Duelist since he joined the Society.

Chazz says that Sartorius is more than that; Sartorius can help people see the light and that soon the whole world will see.

Jaden cluelessly believes that they were exposed to lots of white paint fumes which causes Chazz and his groupees to react in shock and embarrassment.

He angrily states that they are the crazy ones. Jaden wanted to challenge Chazz, but Alexis decides to do it because she feels it is right that she defend the Obelisks.

Chazz and Alexis get ready to Duel in the arena, along with Jaden and the others and the new members of the Society. Chazz devastates Alexis with his new combos and ultimately wins the Duel.

Alexis collapses to the ground and her friends run to her side to see if she is alright. She simply gets back up and says that she has seen the light.

Chazz says that soon, everyone will, and become members of the Society of Light. Later, Chazz chooses Lorenzo, the former world champion of the "Shooting Game" to Duel Jaden.

Alexis lures Jaden to a planetarium in the white dorm, where the Duel takes place. Lorenzo plays a Boss Rush Deck and overpowers Jaden in the early stages of the Duel.

He later reveals that Sartorius offered to make Lorenzo a Pro League Duelist if he could defeat Jaden. Ultimately however, he loses. A few days later, Jaden Yuki is forced into a Duel against Professional Duelist and Society of Light member Howard X Miller, who the English version calls Sartorius' lawyer.

X plays a Mill Deck, and his strategy revolves around destroying his opponent's Deck and causing them to lose when they can't draw a card.

Jaden ultimately thwarts X's strategy using " Neo-Spacian Glow Moss " and ironically wins the Duel when X himself can't draw a card.

Sartorius, Aster's manager, challenges Hassleberry to a Duel, while promising to set Chazz back to normal should Hassleberry win.

The Duel goes quite evenly, with both players being reduced to only a few hundred Life Points in a few turns. Sartorius wins by using " Reversal of Fate " to change the effects of his "Arcana Force" monsters.

Despite his loss, Hassleberry is not converted to the Society of Light, much to Sartorius' shock. Hassleberry explains that in the past, he had excavated some Dinosaur fossils.

His leg had been injured, and so the bone had been replaced by the fossilized Dinosaur bone he had uncovered. He claims that this "Dinosaur DNA" is what grants him immunity to the powers of Sartorius.

A few days later, its revealed that Sartorius has officially enrolled at Duel Academy as a student. Duel Academy organizes a field trip sometime after Sartorius' enrollment at the academy.

Crowler and Vice-Chancellor Bonaparte about where they will take the students. Sartorius and the large contingent of Obelisk Blue students that Chazz Princeton converted to the Society of Light enter the room.

Sartorius wants to pick where they go, and he has most of the student population backing up his choice. Jaden enters the office while accompanied by Hassleberry, Bastion and Syrus.

Jaden states he also has a place to recommend for the school trip, but the Society members order him to get lost until he is smart enough to join them.

Jaden states he has equal chance of choosing as he is currently the 1 student in the school. It's determined that Jaden will Duel a Society member, with the winner being permitted to choose the trip destination Sartorius also mentions if Jaden loses then he has to promise to join the Society of Light.

Sartorius chooses Princess Rose to represent the Society of Light. She claims she can see Duel Spirits and that hers are three frog princes, referencing well-known fairy tales.

Jaden ultimately wins the Duel, and announces that the field trip will be to Domino City, the site of the Battle City tournament.

Duel Academy's students arrive at Domino City for their field trip. Jaden, Syrus and Hassleberry purchase guidebooks to visit the city's landmarks.

They visit the pier where Yugi Muto Dueled Joey Wheeler , while the latter was controlled by Marik Ishtar 's Millennium Rod.

They later arrive at Solomon Muto 's Kame Game shop. They introduce themselves to Solomon, and upon explaining that they are from Duel Academy, he allows them to come inside, explaining that Yugi is probably off on another journey in the dub, he says that Yugi "went to the market to get some olives three years ago".

He offers to be their tour guide for the rest of the day, and he takes them to the sites where Yugi Dueled Seeker and Strings.

He lags behind as they continue to their next destination, and is kidnapped. Jaden locates Solomon and also meets up with Aster. Seeing the hologram of Hassleberry's " Dark Tyranno " on top of a building, they determine that he and Syrus must be there.

Frost then finds Jaden, and wishes to take him to see Sarina, who Aster recognizes as Sartorius' younger sister. The Slifer Red students are forced to stay at an outdoor camp, and are only supplied food when Solomon brings them some.

Blaze and T-Bone, two more of Sarina's enforcers, end up in the same camp as Jaden, though they don't realize who he is. They appear to get along just fine, and Jaden shares the food with them.

They reveal that they themselves had once tried to enter Duel Academy, but failed the entrance exam. Despite this, they challenge Jaden to a Duel, still not aware who he is.

T-Bone and Jaden are about to start their Duel when Sarina absorbs the soul of Blaze into one of her mirror cards while still back in her hideout. She tells T-Bone not to fail her, and forcibly places the " Monarch " cards of Blaze , Frost and Thunder into T-Bone 's Deck.

T-Bone uses the combined power of the "Monarchs" to Summon " Demiurge Ema ", but ultimately loses when Jaden powers up "Elemental Hero Neos" using several Spell Cards.

Sarina seals T-Bone's soul in a mirror as well, and reveals she's locked Syrus and Hassleberry in virtual pods.

She states she'll be waiting at Kaiba Land for Jaden and Aster Phoenix. After making their way to Kaiba Land and the Virtual World Facility within, Jaden and Aster are suddenly transported onto a digital plane, where they are reunited with Hassleberry who has taken the form of a bandanna-wearing dinosaur and Syrus in the form of a "Vehicroid" resembling a Volkswagen Beetle , and also discover that the members of the Light Brigade are trapped here.

Then, Sarina appears, explaining that she is acting under the orders of her brother, Sartorius, who wishes to discover the identity of the destined Duelist who is to be his final opponent, and Sarina is to Duel either Jaden or Aster to find the answer, but if Sarina's opponent loses, he must join Sartorius and the Society of Light.

Jaden accepts the challenge, but convinces Sarina into a Tag-Team Duel. Sarina agrees, and splits herself in two for the face-off against Jaden and Aster.

Aster is reluctant to accept, but decides that he must win to learn the truth about the death "disappearance" in the English dub of his father and the fate of an "Ultimate Destiny Hero" monster.

The Sarinas take an early advantage in the Duel, due to the fact that Aster refuses to cooperate with Jaden, while Jaden's moves are more about luck than strategy.

Furthermore, the full moon behind Sarina's " Full Moon Mirror " seems to wane into a new moon with every monster that is destroyed, and once "Full Moon Mirror" gains its tenth Full Moon Counter, Sarina declares that the true test has now begun.

Sarina 1 unveils her strongest monster: By Tributing " Magic Mirror Spirit Asogi " and " Magic Mirror Spirit Nayuta " she Summons " Dark Creator " to the field and multiplies her monster tenfold, thanks to a Field Spell Card called "Infinite Fiend Mirror".

After stating that only the Chosen Duelist can destroy her army of "Dark Creator" monsters, she attacks, but Jaden and Aster barely manage to survive her onslaught, because of Aster's " Elemental Recharge ".

However, as Sarina ends her turn without a direct attack, Jaden comes to realize that "Dark Creator" and the " Dark Creator Tokens " that were recently summoned cannot attack directly.

Even though Aster manages to launch a counterattack with " Destiny Hero - Dasher ", Sarina's "Dark Creator" has another surprise: it cannot be destroyed by battle.

However, Jaden is able to use the effect of "Dasher" in the Graveyard to Special Summon his newest "Neo-Spacian" monster, " Dark Panther ", and use it in a combo that brings out " Elemental Hero Dark Neos ".

After the Duel, Sarina urges Jaden and Aster to save her brother from the control of the light. Back at Duel Academy, a Society of Light member, Bob Banter who is in love Alexis Rhodes Duels Jaden Yuki to prove himself worthy to be Alexis' boyfriend.

Alexis only accepts under one condition. If Jaden loses, he will be reported for spying on her. Initially Chazz believes that Jaden will most certainly lose since some of Bob's cards involve the player to use their head, however this proves to be wrong as some of the challenges are physical challenges.

Close to the end of the Duel, Bob activates " Quiz Panel - Obelisk 30 " and Jaden recognizes the card. Bob realizes that was the card he dropped in front of Jaden earlier.

Although Jaden at this point knew the entire answer to the question of the card, he ultimately chooses not to answer it completely because he considered it unfair for Bob and that since he knew the answer, it wouldn't be a challenge for him at all.

In the end, Jaden wins the Duel after using a gamble of his own: " Secret Mission ". When Chancellor Sheppard returns and announces the Genex Tournament , Jaden is excited and Syrus thinks that with any luck, Jaden will Duel many professionals.

Sheppard specifies that the entire island will be the Duel arena and that each participant will receive one Genex Medallion.

Participants must Duel at least once per day and are not permitted to decline the first person who challenges them each day. The winner will obtain all Genex Medallions owned by the loser.

The final two medallion-holders will compete in the final match. Sheppard announces that the best veteran Duelists that he met in his travels will be arriving here shortly.

He urges all of the students to do their best as he wishes the first Genex Champion to be from Duel Academy. He says there's a very special prize planned for the winner.

Jaden leaps up, yelling for them to leave all the winning to him. Syrus comments that past history suggests the prize may be a kiss from Ms. Jaden looks around and Dorothy winks at him.

After Sheppard dismisses them, the students discuss the new development. Syrus says he heard a rumor that the number of medallions one collects will affect your grade, with Aster saying he doesn't care about that.

Hassleberry muses that its all about survival. Jaden says he's fired up and asks if anyone wants to Duel now.

Aster walks off, saying he'll watch to see how things develop for now. Jaden asks if he's trying to be a downer and turns to Hassleberry for a Duel.

Hassleberry points out that he if he loses his first medallion, he'll be eliminated right away, then turns to Syrus and says he wants to take out the weakest competitor first anyway.

Syrus turns to find himself surrounded by most of the school, who all see him as the weakest Duelist there.

Syrus runs away and everyone present except Jaden give chase. Jaden wonders when the rest of the worldwide Duelists are getting here.

Later, Jaden is fishing at the harbor. He yawns, saying he's bored. He wonders if any outside Duelists have arrived yet, but hasn't seen any boats.

Syrus and Hassleberry run up to him and Jaden asks why they look so happy. Syrus says he knew running away wasn't going to do any good, so he started by defeating a freshman red student and Hassleberry says he did the same with a second-year yellow.

They both proudly show their newly-won Genex Medallions. Syrus asks why Hassleberry has to be such a show-off and the latter responds by asking if he wants to Duel now to settle it.

Syrus declines, saying it's only the first challenge he's obligated to take, claiming he's tired.

Hassleberry asks how many students Jaden defeated, who responds by saying none, since he was hoping to have his first opponent to be someone from outside Duel Academy.

He's been sitting here waiting, but no one has shown up. Syrus wonders if they're really coming. They hear a noise overhead as Prince Ojin 's plane comes into view.

It lands on top of the warehouse. The three rush to meet it. Hassleberry muses that he must be pretty important to arrive in such a large plane.

Inheriting the spirit's power, Jaden was able to make Neos become real. He can only use this Skill up to twice per Duel. If you have any issues or find any bugs, be sure to let us know on Discord!

Jump to: navigation , search. This article is about the Duel Links character. Spell Cards 3 Kishido Spirit x2 Polymerization.

Extra Deck Fusion Monsters Elemental HERO Divine Neos glossy Elemental HERO Flame Wingman. Neo-Spacian Main Deck Monster Cards 15 Normal Monsters Elemental HERO Neos Effect Monsters Chrysalis Chicky Chrysalis Dolphin Chrysalis Larva Chrysalis Pantail Chrysalis Pinny Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird x2 Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin x2 Neo-Spacian Dark Panther x2 Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab x2 Neo-Spacian Glow Moss.

Spell Cards 5 Convert Contact Gift of the Martyr x2 NEX x2. Extra Deck Fusion Monsters Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin x2 Neo-Spacian Twinkle Moss.

Dual Fusion Main Deck Monster Cards 15 Normal Monsters Elemental HERO Avian x2 Elemental HERO Burstinatrix x2 Elemental HERO Neos Effect Monsters Elemental HERO Bubbleman Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird x2 Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin x2 Neo-Spacian Dark Panther x2 Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab x2 Neo-Spacian Glow Moss.

Spell Cards 5 Convert Contact Neo Space NEX x2 Polymerization. Extra Deck Fusion Monsters Elemental HERO Dark Neos Elemental HERO Flame Wingman Elemental HERO Flare Neos Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin Neo-Spacian Twinkle Moss.

Ultimate Contact Fusion Main Deck Monster Cards 12 Normal Monsters Elemental HERO Neos x2 Effect Monsters Elemental HERO Blazeman x2 Neo Space Connector x2 Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin x2 Neo-Spacian Dark Panther Neo-Spacian Glow Moss x2.

Spell Cards 6 Convert Contact x3 Miracle Fusion x2 Polymerization. Trap Cards 2 NEXT x2. Extra Deck Fusion Monsters Elemental HERO Divine Neos x3.

HERO Alliance Main Deck Monster Cards 12 Normal Monsters Elemental HERO Neos x2 Effect Monsters Elemental HERO Blazeman x3 Elemental HERO Soldier x2 Neo Space Connector x2 Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin x2 Neo-Spacian Dark Panther.

Spell Cards 8 E - Emergency Call x2 Miracle Fusion x3 Polymerization x2 R - Righteous Justice. Yu-Gi-Oh has an impressively large list of banned cards.

Over at least, and though it changes on a seasonal basis, the regularly referenced Pot of Greed has been a main-stay on the ban list for longer than it was off it.

So why then was Jaden allowed to play this card? Not only that but he also uses Mirage of Nightmare, another card banned at the time.

This could be explained by the episode being animated and written before the release of the ban-lists but Jaden should still have known better.

While this isn't a rule in the Yu-Gi-Oh card game. Most people consider the mass slaughter of countless innocent lives to be breaking at least one rule.

While under the influence of his past life as the Supreme King, Jaden kidnaps and kills hundreds of duelists in an attempt to create the ultimate fusion card.

He eventually succeeds in creating Super Polymerization, but at the cost of countless innocent lives.

Human experimentation on prisoners of war is a war crime. War crimes are not allowed in the Yu-Gi-Oh card game. Sage Miller is a freelance Canadian writer and voice actor who's work has been published in several short story anthologies for horror.

Their passions mostly lie in table top roleplaying games and trading card games. The true test of how powerful a card is what happens to the card once it exists in a game with an actual ban list.

For the cost of discarding a card, Super Polymerization allowed the player to use both their own and the opponents' monsters to summon a fusion monster.

Despite some of the ridiculous boss monsters Jaden managed to summon over the years, E — Emergency Call still might be the best card he has in his deck.

In the actual card game and used at the maximum amount of copies, it makes any Hero deck crazy consistent.

But even in the show, it was always the card he used to give him the exact monster he needed for a specific situation. For a deck which relied on making fusion monsters which required very specific materials, E — Emergency Call is the best support spell.

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Naoki Tatsuta.
Yugioh Jaden

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